Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Impact of MT on the Freelance Translator

The Podcast

This is a conversation or interview that I did with Paul Urwin of Proz where the links will take you to the podcast.

The conversation covers possible strategies that freelance translators can adopt to deal with PEMT and provides some guidance (hopefully) on potential new skills that professionals can develop. 

It also provides context on how valuable the translator is even with continuously improving MT and points to a growing awareness that translators are a resource whose value can only grow in importance given the never-ending momentum on content that needs to be translated.


This is Part 1.

Paul talks with machine translation expert Kirti Vashee about interactive-adaptive MT, linguistic assets, freelance positioning, how to add value in explosive content situations, e-commerce translation and the Starship Enterprise.

This is Part 2.

Paul continues the fascinating discussion with Kirti Vashee on machine translation. In this episode, they talk about how much better MT can get, which languages it works well for, data, content, pivot languages and machine interpreting.

The Future is NOT just MT

A relatively easy way to understand the power of an adaptive MT solution (that learns from corrective feedback dynamically) is to test ModernMT with the free open-source Matecat CAT tool. A more detailed overview of the capability is given here.

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